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A Glimpse Into My Not-So-Put-Together Life

Wow, guys. It is GOOD to be writing. I LOVED my finsta (the OG Daley Mail & if you were there in the beginning, you KNOW) but I wanted to be able to share more than just pictures.. so here we are. Here is the tea: my life is messy & I'm rarely sailing smoothly.. But here's the even HOTTER tea: God's grace covers me daily & His mercy flows through the middle of the chaos. He is constant, & if nothing else, I hope that THAT is what you see. Enjoy!

Green Leaf
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just behold Him

Hi everyone! I’m back, and I promise this won’t be another 26 minute read. I mean I could probably find that many words again in a...

happy dunk day

**EDIT: For those of you reading this after reading the post titled "i can do this for the Lord & get away with it", I do not regret this...

i gOT a tAtTOo

The fact that I got a tattoo is likely not a news flash for many of you. However, I want to write about things I'm passionate about, &...

three majors later

Before I get too far, I want to write out "my story" as far as where I've been & where He's leading me. Right now I'm not sure how raw &...

ah what the heck am I doin'

It's currently 11:24 & I decided a couple hours ago to start a blog.. so, obviously, here we are. I'd be lying if I told you this was a...

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Since I'm just a little ol' college girl, I'm not going to put my actual address or phone number on here because #cybersafety BUT feel free to email me (I'm not great at responding though whoops) or message me on any social media!!

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